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Solid Edge NVP EdgePublisher

Startdato: 23. marts 2020

Solid Edge NVP EdgePublisher er det ultimative Workflow system til Solid Edge som sørger for, at alle dine filer: 2D Tegninger, PDF, DXF, Udfoldning, ...

Solid Edge NVP Product Configurator

Startdato: 2. marts 2020

Solid Edge NVP Product Configurator er baseret på Microsoft Excel og Nextage NVP Configurator Engine. Vi anvender en teknik som kaldes ”150%” assembli ...

NX - FEM Advanced Simulation Processes

Startdato: Løbende optagelse

The NX FEM Advanced Simulation Processes introduces the finite element modeling and analysis tool integrated in NX. It is intended for design engineer ...

Introduction to NX Post Builder

Startdato: 4. marts 2020

The Introduction to Post Building Techniques training is designed to acquaint users with tools and techniques that are used for building custom, machi ...

Solid Edge Surface design

Startdato: 15. juni 2020

This course covers using Solid Edge modeling functions to build free form surfaces. Free form surfaces are those that cannot be constructed using stan ...

NX Drafting

Startdato: 6. maj 2020

Learn how to use the NX Drafting application to create standards-compliant detailed engineering drawings that are fully associated to your 3D model. Y ...

NX Basic Design

Startdato: 21. april 2020

Basic Design is designed to give an entry level user a high-level overview of NX modeling, assemblies and drafting topics. This one class, through pro ...

NX Sheet Metal

Startdato: 19. marts 2020

Learn how to use the Sheet Metal application for creating machinery, enclosures, brackets, and other parts normally manufactured with a brake press. Y ...

NX Turning Manufacturing Process

Startdato: 6. april 2020

Turning Manufacturing Process is the core turning class designed to convey concepts, functionality, and application of the turning module. Turning Man ...

NX Manufacturing Fundamentals

Startdato: 24. marts 2020

The Manufacturing Fundamentals course is designed to expedite the student learning experience in the generation of tool paths for 2 and 3-axis milling ...

Solid Edge Wire Harness

Startdato: 20. april 2020

Solid Edge Wire Harness Design is a dedicated process driven environment for the efficient creation, routing and organization of wires, cables and bun ...

Solid Edge Sheet Metal

Startdato: 12. marts 2020

Solid Edge Sheet Metal building on top of Basic Training, is designed to give an entry-level user the necessary knowledge to allow the student to beco ...

NX - Introduction to NX for Experience Users

Startdato: 16. marts 2020

The Introduction to NX for Experienced Users course provides an introduction to NX for those students who will be using NX on a daily basis. Upon comp ...

Solid Edge Basic

Startdato: 9. marts 2020

Basic Training is designed to give an entry-level user an introduction into the modeling paradigms of Solid Edge. Through easy step-by-step instructio ...

NX Mechanical Freeform Modeling

Startdato: 18. maj 2020

Learn how to create free form parts that update reliably and shift smoothly to the manufacturing application. You will learn how to incorporate freefo ...

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