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The GWO First Aid Refresher course revaliates an in date GWO First aid certificate. This course is one of the modules within The Global Wind Organisation's Basic Safety Training (BST). 

The GWO BST is designed to provide personnel with the basic skills that will enable them to work in a safe manner in the wind industry and to meet emergency response training requirements for personnel new to the global wind industry working both onshore and offshore. It provides the delegates with an awareness of the hazards encountered when working within the wind industry and how to control and mitigate these hazards. 

The aim of this module is to refresh the previous acquired safe and effective GWO First Aid through theoretical and practical training. 

After completion of the course, the delegate will have achieved skills and basic knowledge about:

  • Global and regional legislation.
  • First aid guidelines ERC and AHA.
  • Risks and hazards.
  • Anatomy, structure, functions and symptoms.
  • Use of first aid principles in emergency situations.
  • Serious and minor illness and injuries.
  • Management of an incident.
  • Safety awareness in an emergency situation.
  • Emergency rescue team.
  • Primary and secondary incidents.
  • Lifesaving first aid.
  • A-B-C principles and primary survey.
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and practice exercise.
  • AED safety procedures and correct use of an AED.
  • Managing minor and serious incidents.
  • Psychological first aid.
  • Demonstration of first aid equipment.
  • Scenario based training.
  • API connection types and ring gaskets.
  • Oilfield terminology.

This course has a duration of 1 day, and can be conducted in both Danish and English. 

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Maersk Training Esbjerg.

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