VHF Communication for Offshore Personnel

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The VHF course is for delegates who are required to communicate using VHF handheld radios in a safe and efficient way when working offshore.

The focus of the training is to provide a basic understanding of the background of marine communications including reference to the rules, regulations and practical handling of hand-held walkie-talkie radios.

After completion of the course, the delegate will have achieved skills and basic knowledge about:

  • The history of maritime communication
  • GMDSS – a safer approved method of communication control
  • Different types of marine communication equipment
  • Practical use of VHF equipment
  • The use of communication Pro-words and PhoneticsAfter completion of the course.

The course has a duration of 3 days, and can be conducted in both English and Danish. 

The delegates will receive materials which must be studied in preparation for the course.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Maersk Training Esbjerg.

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