Iwcf well intervention pressure control (level 3 & 4)

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No wells perform efficiently and produce uninterrupted from initial production to abandonment. Being able to rely on safe and efficient well intervention is crucial. Through this course, Maersk Training provides course participants with the chance to go through simulator based exercises as close to real life as possible complementing theoretical lessons and leading to a better learning experience.


Course Content The course provides an understanding of pressure control methods related to well servicing methods and equipment. The following certification options are provided:
  • Completion Operations (compulsory)
  • Completion Equipment (compulsory)
  • Coiled Tubing Operations (optional)
  • Wireline Operations (optional)
  • Snubbing Operations (optional)
Course participants must attempt both compulsory and one or more optional components in a combined certification programme. To obtain a combined certificate, participants must pass each component they have been nominated for. Furthermore, participants may choose to sit the IWCF assessment examination as either Level 3 (Operator) or Level 4 (Supervisor) in one, two or three equipment categories (wireline, snubbing and / or coil tubing). The IWCF certificate is endorsed with the achieved assessment. The course is led by instructors with extensive experience in well services and is delivered through classroom theories, case studies, group discussion as well as practical simulator exercises. The course is available at Maersk Training in Aberdeen, UK as well as Maersk Training in Stavanger, Norway and a certificate is valid for 2 years. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS None

Course Objectives The IWCF Well Intervention Pressure Control level 3 & 4 course is designed for operators and supervisors and provides the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively and safely control a well during well intervention operations. The IWCF Certification in Norway is a government imposed certificate for leading well service personnel and must be renewed every two years. The Course is suitable for Drillers / Drilling Supervisors / Well Service Supervisors / Well Intervention Supervisors and Senior Operators and Equipment Operators.

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