Stuck pipe prevention

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The purpose of this course is to give the participants a better understanding of how a stuck-pipe situation can develop. The course participants will learn that predicting a stuck-pipe situation can be made whilst under development and what warning signs to look out for. The course will also cover the precautions to be taken to avoid stuck-pipe situations as well as examples of freeing methods to solve such problems.

Course Content
  • Conditions that can cause stuck-pipe
  • Stuck-pipe terminology
  • Indicators
  • How to predict stuck-pipe using trend analysis
  • Remedies to avoid stuck-pipe
  • The human factor
  • Handover between crews to avoid stuck-pipe
  • Solution examples when the pipe is stuck
  • Finding solutions by means of group work exercises
  • Lessons learnt from actual stuck-pipe cases
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS Assistant driller and higher positions. Supervisory positions onboard and onshore.

Course Objectives To be able to:
  • Create an environment where team members challenge existing practices and suggest or develop new ones that enhance operational performance
  • Identify and eliminate activities that have potential to result in increased non-productive time
  • Openly discuss issues that impact on operational performance
  • Obtain sufficient knowledge about the course content to pass a written test with minimum 70% score

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