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04.12.2020 Kl. 10:00



DIN Forsyning Varme A/S

Delivery of emergency power supply system to DIN Forsyning Varme A/S - Lot F2

DIN Forsyning Varme A/S

Opgavebeskrivelse DIN Forsyning Varme A/S in Esbjerg, Denmark is in the process of replacing the heat delivered from the existing coal fired power station (ESV3) which is going out of operation 2023.
DIN Forsyning Varme A/S has decided to establish new base load production capacity to replace the heat previously purchased from Ørsted A/S with new heat production facilities to be located in harbour area close to the existing peak load plant City Centralen and existing heat accumula-tor tank and distribution pumps.
There will be established 60MW wood chips fired heating boiler, 50MW heat pump and expected 30MW of electrical boiler.
The present tender is for the Uninterrupted power supply system for emergency.

The Contract Agreement is based on Green FIDIC SHORT FORM of Contract First Edition 1999.

DIN Forsyning Varme A/S intends to enter the Contract with one Contractor for the delivery of Uninterrupted power supply system for emergency.
Annonceret 22. oktober 2020 16:00:00 CEST
Deadline 4. december 2020 10:00:00 CET
Udbudstype Mindre danske udbud
Opgavetype Bygge- og anlægsopgaver
Udbudsform Begrænset licitation med prækvalifikation
Antal prækvalificerede tilbudsgivere 3
CPV kode 45315300, 31127000, 31682530, 45310000, 45311100, 45315100, 45317200, 31682500, 51111200
Myndighedstype Andet

Dokumenter & materiale

Link til udbudsmateriale http://eu.eu-supply.com/ctm/Supplier/PublicPurchase/284200

Tildelings- og udvælgelseskriterier

Tildelingskriterier Økonomisk mest fordelagtige bud
Uddybning af tildelingskriterier Economy 50%, Technical solution 25%, Programme 25%
Udvælgelseskriterier The selection is made on the basis of both Economic and financial standing and Technical and professional ability, where in particularly the number of and relevance of the references will be of importance.

DIN Forsyning Varme A/S will regard it as positive, that the Applicant has:
- The highest possible number of the newest comparable references commissioned in relation to size and functionality.
- Low lost time injury in the references stated
- Solid economy (General yearly turnover and Solvency ratio)
- Prioritizing of The 17 Sustainable Development Goals in projects comparable to this tender.

DIN Forsyning Varme A/S makes an overall assessment of the applications and will qualify up to three (3) Applicants.

It is a minimum requirement that the ‘General yearly turnover’ amounts to minimum 15 million DKK for each of the two (2) closed financial years.
It is a minimum requirement that the ‘Solvency Ratio’ amounts to minimum 10 percent for each of the two (2) closed financial years.


Navn Laila Juncker
Telefon +45 53643209
E-mail kontakt@tohv.dk


Navn DIN Forsyning Varme A/S
Adresse Ulvsundvej 1
6715 Esbjerg N
Telefon +45 74747530
E-mail kontakt@tohv.dk
WWW http://www.dinforsyning.dk

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