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Nordic Innovation

The Nordic Built Challenge

Nordic Innovation

This Nordic competition comprises five individual competitions – one in each Nordic country. It is about refurbishing existing buildings in innovative and sustainable ways, while ensuring financial and practical viability. Through the Challenge, the principles of the Nordic Built Charter will come alive.

As the platform of the 2-staged competition stands the Nordic Built Charter – a bold and ambitious document defining 10 core principles for how our future built environment should be constructed.

Stage 1 of each competition will be an open idea competition for general concepts and ideas, with a low barrier to entry and anonymous evaluation. 4 winners from each competition receive NOK 300.000 and the opportunity to compete in stage 2. The proposals in this stage should be realistic and implementation ready.

The best team in each competition will win the possibility for a contract with the building owner, and a final Nordic winner will be awarded with NOK 1.000.000 for the best overall demonstration of the Nordic Built Charter.

Nordic Built: Nordic Built is a Nordic initiative to accelerate the development of sustainable building concepts. It is based on the Nordic Built Charter that states 10 fundamental principles for how we want to construct our built environment.

The Charter defines the ambitions and strongholds of the Nordic building sector, and provides a sustainable platform for future building.

These are the buildings that will be retrofitted in the Nordic Built Challenge:
- Hippostalo, Tampere, Finland
- Posthuset, Oslo, Norway
- Botkyrkabyggen, Stockholm, Sweden
- Høfdabakki, Reykjavik, Iceland
- Boligafdelingen Ellebo, Ballerup (Copenhagen), Denmark

One building in each country. The aim of the competition is to come up with the best idea on how to retrofit the buildings in a sustainable, innovative - and yet affordable way.

Join the official launch of the Nordic Built Challenge!

Venue: Kulturhuset, Sergels torg, Stockholm, Sweden
Time: 8 November 2012, kl. 10-15

This is your chance to:
• Find out more about the competitions
• Have your questions answered by the building owners
• Meet your new Nordic partners

Participation is free of charge.

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