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28. juni 2023

Landis+Gyr E35C


E35C communication module: a one-stop-shop solution for future-proof smart metering
The E35C communication module has been designed to meet the latest smart metering requirements, building on the flexibility of Landis+Gyr’s E350 meters and modules.

The E35C supports a multi-energy AMI solution and can be connected to up to four gas, heat and water meters through M-bus, making them accessible from a central station. The E35C communication module will transform any installed E350 meter to a Gridstream solution compliant smart meter.

Lower communication costs The E35C module turns an electricity meter into a data center, connecting up to four water or gas/water meters with the M-Bus and managing two-way communication. Reducing communication connections for all meters to just one not only saves on transfer costs but also simplifies subsequent data-processing.

…and easier installation
The M-Bus supports the connection of meters from different manufacturers. For widely scattered measurement points an RF M-Bus dongle allows you to connect additional meters wirelessly, thus saving on the expensive installation of cable connections.

Compatible Meters:

E350 single phase and three phase meters with and without supply control switch
The Landis+Gyr E35C Control Module (AD-FX1) for the E350 meter enables tariff switching (NT/HT) via external control inputs.

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